A quilling artwork transforms into a piece of jewelry


In the midst of the lockdown, Anjila put her creative side to use, oblivious to the fact that the same piece of art would be the path to a set of new designer jewelry.

Anjila Dahal, Project Officer at Maiti Nepal, started her work-from-home schedule when the entire country went into a lockdown due to Covid-19. She wanted to use her free time to learn a new skill and create something new. And that’s when Google directed her to quilling art.

Working on it during her free time, she says, "I used the materials at home to make the artwork and it took me a lot of time - almost a month to complete".

One fine day, she was aimlessly scrolling through her Instagram page when she stumbled on Apala’s giveaway announcement, which asked “How do you stay creative at home?” And next to her was her quilling art of Lord Ganesh.

She crossed her fingers and entered the competition. “It was the first time that I was participating in any kind of competition and, to be honest, I didn't take part in it thinking I would win," says Anjila.

Her prayers were answered and, thankful to public voting, she made it to the top 2. However, Anjila still didn't think she’d win. "In the last phase of the competition, which was one-on-one, the other artists’ work was really beautiful,” she adds.

With extremely close results, Anjila won Apala’s Giveaway contest: a designer jewelry worth Rs. 20,000. She’d also been invited to Apala’s Baluwatar boutique studio.

Entering Apala for the very first time, Anjila was left in awe. "Generally jewelry stores are crowded but going to Apala was different and unique. It was quite unexpected.

"They had a professional ambiance and great hospitality. Also, the designs showcased at their store were very unique, I had never seen such designs before in Nepal," she continues.

Thinking that Apala was like other companies who would be giving away the gift as a formality, she didn't expect much. But it was the opposite.

Her meeting with the designer was set in advance. "I was asked about my design preferences for the jewelry and I told them everything. The designer was polite and understanding of my jewelry design needs," says Anjila.

After the lockdown, she received a case from Apala. Inside laid an intricately handcrafted rose-gold flower-shaped pendant with encrusted diamonds.

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